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Esther M. Cantor, LL.B.


Mediation Rates

Half-day and Full-day bookings are available.

Call us to schedule a mediation at the number below, or request a mediation online!

2 Parties

Half Day: $3,195

Full Day: $4,194

3 Parties

Half Day: $3,695

Full Day: $4,694

4 Parties

Half Day: $4,195

Full Day: $5,194

plus disbursements and taxes.

If the Mediator's time spent reading the briefs and otherwise preparing for the mediation, travelling to and from the mediation, conducting the mediation and all correspondence and telephone attendances associated with the mediation exceed five hours for half-day mediations and eight hours for full day mediations, then the mediation will be billed on the basis of additional time spent at the Mediators hourly rate of $425 per hour.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 30 days before the Mediation do not attract any cancellation fee.  Cancellations made within 30 days and more than two days of the mediation attract a cancellation fee of $2,800.00, for half day and $3,700.00 for full day Mediation.  Cancellations made within 2 days of the mediation attract the full rate.

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I really appreciate your incredible work today…


“Thank you so much Esther.  You were amazing.   I really appreciate your incredible work today.  I will be sure to let all my colleagues know! Stay well and see you soon.”

– J.B.

My client was singing your praises…

“Thank you for your hard work yesterday Esther. Contrary to my expectations, we were able to get it done. My client was singing your praises and e-mailed me today letting me know that he will be putting your name forward when looking for mediators in the future.

See you on the next one.”

– L. B.

You are very amazing at what you do…

“Thank you so much for your help in mediating this matter. I really enjoyed your mediation skills.

You are very amazing at what you do. Our client loved you as well and she also wanted me to say thank you on her behalf.”

– T. G.

Congratulations on another great success…

“Congratulations on another great success, Esther. Thank you for your very hard work Friday, without which there was no possibility of resolution.

I look forward to the next one together.”

– G. H.

I will not hesitate to retain your services again in the future…

“Your hard work and perseverance was very much appreciated yesterday. You developed a strong rapport with all the parties involved, and diplomatically helped find a solution which all could live with.

Yesterday was the first time we had an opportunity to work together, and I can without question say that I will not hesitate to retain your services again in the future.

All the best.”

– A. L.

Thanks for the great job and your proactive approach…

Esther- Thanks for the great job and your proactive approach on the mediation. Your caring and empathetic nature really came across in spades which was truly appreciated by the clients. I think you were instrumental in obtaining a fair resolution to all. We have added you to our short list of preferred mediators. I look forward to future mediations.


I thought you were a very effective mediator…

“It was a real pleasure working with you, Esther yesterday. I thought you were a very effective mediator, and objective in discussions about the evidence and realities of both parties’ positions/interests. Your efforts to get this matter resolved were not unnoticed, and are appreciated. Thank you.”

I wanted to thank you again…

“Esther, I wanted to thank you again for the fine job you did yesterday settling that difficult file. I was not optimistic going in. I will be sure to share with my team here your fine work.”

– L. C.

Thank you for your professionalism…

“Esther, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism in helping us close this file. There were a lot of constraints from a mediator’s perspective and you managed to get it done. I also have to say that I really liked your opening and the time you spent with the plaintiff … I thought that was very persuasive.”

– J. V.

We will always remember…

“Esther, I just wanted to write you a letter to Thank You and to express my sincere appreciation for your assistance and support in this difficult time of my life . We will always remember that.”

– M. J.

My client and I were both really impressed…

“Esther, thanks again. I know my client and I were both really impressed with how hard you worked. Look forward to seeing you on the next mediation!”

– B. M.

I was very impressed with the mediation…

“Esther, I wanted to let you know I was very impressed with the mediation. You actually read all of the material, which believe it or not is not usually the case with some mediators. I also liked that you were very upfront with where our cases were strong/weak. Although this is something we usually know, you did not sugarcoat the deficiencies, and that also helps with my client when I am trying to get them to see that they have issues that are going to have to be dealt with. I have recommended you already to a number of people.”

– M. M.

You did an excellent job…

“Esther-This is just a little note to say that you did an excellent job at the mediation.”

– F. H.

Esther, you are @#$^& awesome

“Esther, you are @#$^& awesome.   Well done.”

– T. B.

You handled yourself very well and very professionally…

“Esther, Thanks for all your help getting this matter settled today. I really appreciate all your efforts in what was a very difficult and trying day for everyone involved. You handled yourself very well and very professionally… I look forward to mediating with you again soon.” 

D. E.

Thanks for working very hard…

Thanks for working very hard on the outcome that you achieved last week. I know that it took more than a little heavy lifting.

– M.C.

I was impressed by your handling of the matter…

“I wanted to thank you personally for your efforts today.  I was impressed by your handling of the matter and style and certainly would recommend you in the future.  Thank you again.”

– L. E.

Thanks for your help…

“Thanks for your help on settling this mediation.  It was a more challenging one than usual!”

– P. B.

You were fantastic yesterday…

Hi Esther, I wanted to let you know that you were fantastic yesterday and were so so great with our clients. As always, it was a pleasure working with you.  Thanks again for all of your help.


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What is the Mediation Process?

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator’s role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution. Through joint sessions and separate caucuses with parties, the mediator helps both sides define the issues clearly, understand each other's position and move closer to resolution.

What are the terms of your Mediation Agreement?

To see what a mediation agreement contains, download this sample mediation agreement

What is a Mediator's Role?

A mediator’s role is to facilitate communication between the parties in conflict with a view to helping them reach a voluntary resolution to their dispute that is timely, fair and cost-effective. Although the mediator manages the meeting and is in charge of the proceedings, he/she should not impose solutions or decisions and has no power to force a settlement.  A solution should only be reached by agreement between the parties. The parties are responsible for the ultimate resolution of the dispute. Furthermore, a mediator has no right or duty to provide legal advice to the parties even if he/she happens to be a lawyer. The parties should seek legal advice solely from their legal counsel. The mediator, however, may raise issues and help parties explore options. 

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